Australia Deserves a YES Vote on 14 October

10 October 2023
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A Call for Unity: Why Australia Should Vote YES for the Voice for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples


Australians face a momentous choice on 14 October-one which could set the tone of inter-communal relations for decades to come.

Symmetra urges Australians to vote affirmatively to establish a constitutionally recognized voice for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples.

Our reasons for this firm position are because

The Voice will:

  • Give Indigenous people a direct say in matters affecting them. They will no longer be unheard and powerless;
  • Empower Legislators and decision-makers to act in matters affecting Indigenous people with fuller and better information and understanding;
  • Help to heal divisions which continue to exist between indigenous and non- indigenous peoples;
  • Be a concrete step towards reconciliation after more than two centuries of denial of basic rights for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

The Voice will NOT:

  • Bring about reverse discrimination. No other group or community will suffer or be subjected to disadvantage if the Voice succeeds;
  • Undermine the principle of meritocracy. It will not afford any special economic, social or status rights to Indigenous People;
  • Create division in society. It will rather provide the impetus needed for Australians to become more united and willing to acknowledge ill -treatment in the past;
  • Result in administrative or legislative vetoes or delays. The Voice is purely an advisory institution.

It is time to seize this opportunity and say YES to a more inclusive Australia.