Why Diversity and Inclusion is Now a Source of Competitive Advantage

7 August 2019
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Diversity & Inclusion has become significantly more important in the last 3-5 years where it’s shifted from being a social justice issue to a strategic imperative.

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Diversity and inclusion has become so important over the last three to five years, where it’s shifted from being a social justice issue to a strategic business imperative because there’s been a host of empirical research which has emerged which demonstrates that diversity can actually optimise performance and innovation in organisations.


And this has really changed the way that leaders think about diversity and inclusion. Because historically, they really just looked at it as a social justice issue, about being a socially responsible organisation who could ensure that everybody, no matter how diverse, could actualise their full potential.


But what this research now demonstrates is that inclusion is inextricably interlinked with performance and innovation. And that means that this is something they can leverage to respond to the ever-increasing demands for change and innovation that they’re facing in a currently disruptive business environment.