Category: Women’s Rights

International Women’s Day: A day to reflect on the successes of the past while looking for new glass ceilings to shatter

International Women’s Day (IWD) is upon us again- a day which has been officially recognized by the United Nations as a time to pause and to pay homage to what women have done and continue to do in order to make our world a better place. It is described by Wikipedia as a global holiday …

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Gentlemen’s Clubs – a necessity in today’s world?

On Tuesday, this week, the Australian Club on Macquarie Street in Sydney steadfastly refused to enter the 21st century by not admitting women as members. A specially -called vote recorded a resounding 62 per cent against admission of women and 37 per cent in favour. ‘Gentlemen’s Clubs’ are relics of the 18th century where British …

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The turning point for Australian women: Insights from the Federal budget

The federal budget delivered last night may well mark an important ideological and psychological shift in the attitude towards women in the parliament and other power centres in Australia. Unlike past years when platitudes have been the order of the day and lip-service has been paid to the rights, interests and apprehensions to the female …

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