Unconscious Bias

Research by leading institutions demonstrates that unconscious bias has a significant effect on our everyday decision making abilities in the workplace, and may be a key obstacle to unlocking the full potential of all existing diversity initiatives. These biases manifest not only in relation diversity in all its forms, but affect all business decisions.

At Symmetra, we are mindful of the impact of bias on all areas of the business – including our interactions with clients and customers.  This means there is substantial value to be unlocked in a more conscious approach to decision making – by addressing unconscious bias and improving the quality of all decisions, we can affect greater improvements on organisational outcomes.

Conscious Decision Making

Our Conscious Decision Making (“CDM”) suite of programs is flexible, scalable and sustainable to ensure everyone in your organisation can adopt practical new behaviours to counteract unconscious bias:

  • Blended CDM Program: a comprehensive program which blends group learning, individual assessment and coaching. Targeted at senior leaders to drive conscious inclusion of talent and counteract bias in strategic business decisions.
  • CDM Workshops: Interactive, experiential and engaging sessions that don’t stop at building awareness, but also help build skills and design and implement new processes to hard-wire debiasing into business as usual.
  • CDM e-learning: A series of short and sharp e-learning modules on our innovative E-Challenge platform. Scalable, cost effective and fully customisable, they can be used as a standalone or in conjunction with other programs.