Category: Sexual Discrimination

Sexual Harassment Law in Australia: A Brief History, The New Positive Duty and AHRC Enforcement Guidelines

The term “sexual harassment” was brought to light by journalist and feminist Lin Farley in 1975 during a hearing of the New York Human Rights Commission. As public awareness grew, laws prohibiting sexual harassment were passed in different jurisdictions, including Australia, culminating in the federal Sex Discrimination Act in 1984. Companies proceeded to institute compulsory …

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Sexism and discrimination at work

Women who complain that sexism, discrimination, casually dismissive attitudes towards females and victimisation are cultural, are often accused of paranoia or of having a fertile imagination. In fact, there is an abundance of evidence that many organisations simply overlook ´bad boy “behavior – or worse still, encourage it. California’s Department of Fair Employment and Housing …

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The insidious outcomes of sex discrimination at work

Christine Holgate is but the latest female victim of the wretched, toxic masculine culture which pervades many of Australia’s political, corporate and sporting institutions. Her tale forcefully related to a Senate committee exposure once again of a culture where male power-plays exact a fearful toll on women: in Christine’s case causing her to contemplate suicide. …

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